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Rabour Village Project - Architects Without Borders

Kisumu, Kenya

Rabour Village Project

Architects Without Borders - Seattle

Engineers Without Borders - Seattle


Kate Cudney, Morgan Elliott, Tom Mulica

Lara Normand, Sony Purba, Owen Richards

Tom Mulica co-lead the design team of this Architects Without Borders project. Working closely with a Seattle-based non-profit and directly with the village of Rabour to design a vocational school and community center based upon the input and collaborative vision of the community.  Devastated by the impacts of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the project aimed to empower the youth of the village through vocational training and economic development projects. The center includes: classrooms, a computer lab, commercial cafe and teaching kitchen, retail store and administrative offices. Sustainable strategies include: locally made compressed earth bricks, passive heating and cooling through site design and orientation, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting.

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