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             Tom Mulica is a licensed architect with diverse project experience throughout the country including WA, TX, CA, KY and NM.  His passion for client-centered design embraces the discourse of architectural history to produce designs that strive to both resolve the conflicts of modern life while not rejecting the lessons of history. He believes the built world can and should provide joy and nurture that which makes us human.  He likes wood, loves brick and often says,

"Oh... How cute!"  He holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Washington and a BA in Art History from Emory University.  His desire to pursue architecture stems from his Peace Corps service in Zimbabwe where he realized the power of the built world to affect positive change on daily life.  In addition to Story, Tom is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the New School of Architecture and Design in San Diego where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in studio, history and theory.  He has been active in both Habitat for Humanity and Architects without Borders- Seattle where he led an interdisciplinary team to design a vocational training center in Kenya. 

744 Agate Street San Diego, CA 92109



Licensed Architect CA

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             Joseph Bashaw is a licensed architect with over fifteen years of single family residential, multi-family residential and commercial experience.  Tom and Joe have been collaborating on projects for the past 10 years.  Joe brings a complimentary ethos to Story Architecture.  He believes excellent architecture is not only about objective beauty but quality, attention to detail and a focus on craftsmanship. Architecture is not only an art but a science requiring an understanding and ability to leverage the best practices of the industry and take advantage of the latest building and fabrication technology. Tom and Joe met in graduate school at the University of Washington Master of Architecture program.  Prior to graduate school Joe served in the US Army as an Intelligence officer and completed his  Bachelor of Science in Design at Clemson University.  Joe's wide breadth of work can be seen here.



Licensed Architect OR


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